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New protocols recently put into place require all port of entry officers to verify students' visas and SEVIS records, which have led to long delays at airports. DON'T FORGET YOUR IMMIGRATION DOCUMENTS.

If you are NOT flying directly to Chicago O'Hare Airport, please allow yourself at least 2 hours between your connecting flights. ICE officers may be conducting interviews upon your initial arrival into the United States.

Airport Arrival Day!

Please arrive at Chicago O'Hare Airport Code: ORD

Summer Language Institute Only


* August 11th *

All other New Incoming Students 

* September 9th *

Submit Your Travel Itinerary

Please submit your full itinerary including all layovers, flight numbers, times, carriers and any other important information. There are many terminals at O'Hare International Airport, please keep us informed of any changes. 

It is important that you try to arrive between 10 AM and 7 PM on either August 11 (SLI ONLY) or September 9 (All other students). 

The Office of International Programs staff will be doing airport runs and meeting you at the baggage claim area of terminal 5 (International arrivals). If O'Hare International Airport in Chicago was NOT your original port of entry and you are arriving at O'Hare from a connecting U.S. flight, please make your way to the ARRIVALS area of

Terminal 5.

A staff member from the Office of International Programs will be there to meet you holding a RED North Central College sign. Become familiar with our faces!

Check your classes online!

Merlin is a website the College uses to allow you to transact business and review student information online. Financially, it can be used for online bill payment and financial aid management. Academically, it allows you to search and register
for classes, check your grades, complete a program evaluation and contact your academic advisor. You may also update contact information in Merlin.

Logging in to Merlin
»» Go to
»» Select “Log In.”
»» Type in your username in the “User ID” field. You can reveal your username by going to Merlin and entering you last name and your 7 digit student ID number.
»» Type in your password in the “Password” field. (Your password is ALWAYS the same as your Network password. Your initial Merlin password is NCC plus your 7-digit ID number,
                                                                                 Example: NCC0000000 (password is case sensitive).
                                                                                 »» Select “Submit.”
                                                                                 »» Select “Students” to get to the student menu.
                                                                                 »» You are now logged into Merlin.

We will be walking you through this process during orientation as well.

Academic Calendar

Make sure that you checkout the academic calendar at NCC paying special attention to the 2013-2014 column. We know that your time off is important to you ;) so feel free to plan your in country travels. Remember, international students are allowed special permission to remain in the residence halls dusring official breaks, however it may be a little boring. Applying for a friendship family can help! friendship families are known to take their international students on special family trips, invite you to celebrate holidays and much more.

For more information on friendship families, or to apply, please check out the "more" tab at the top of this webpage.

Health Insurance

Federal regulations require that all international students demonstrate proof of health coverage in the USA. All international students must sign up for a policy through HTH Worldwide Insurance for the duration of your program prior to arrival.

Degree seeking students can sign up for yearly policies. It is important that you do not fall out of coverage as you will re-start the pre-existing condition waiting period. More information on healthcare and insurance will be provided during the first week orientation.

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